Saving the Wirral one tree at a time

Boss Birches was cultivated by Kate Verdin Walsh, an environmentalist passionate about making a genuine difference to the world. A strict Vegan, animal lover and environmentalist, Boss Birches is one of many activities Kate is involved in, in which she tries to make a difference, even a little at a time.

Boss Birches aims to plant trees throughout Wirral and Merseyside to help the environment, not only do trees provide shade and shelter but thousands of wildlife species depend on trees for food and shelter. By absorbing Carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, trees help to combat climate change.

Boss Birches aims to plant trees as an educational activity to businesses, children and individuals alike. Donations will be used to purchase the trees and people invited to plant them with us. As a team we aim to help the environment but also provide an activity to those for educational purposes but also to help with mental health and to build a stronger community.

Our Partners

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